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Dr. Wax works with children, adolescents, adults, and families, as well as depression, anxiety, trauma, identity formation, relationship issues, risk taking behaviors, Autism Spectrum Disorder....more



Dr. Payne works with children, adolescents, adults, and families, as well as depression, anxiety, school related issues, trauma, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and those who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community...more



Dr. Rosenberg works with early adolescents through adults who struggle with depression, anxiety, OCD, trauma, and challenges related to identify formation...more



Dr. Ciupeiu enjoys working with all ages, childhood through adulthood in the form of individual, family, and couples therapy.  She can conduct therapy in English, German, and Romanian...more

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Erin works with adolescents, preteens, and adults managing anxiety, depression, trauma histories, identity struggles, life transitions, and works with the LGBTQIA+ community... more

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Kaley enjoys working with younger children through late adolescence, as well as adults and families.  Kaley specifically works well with those who have been labeled by behaviors and need to form a more positive identity of the self...more

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Dr. Azimuddin works with early adolescence through adulthood.  Her experience lies in working with depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, phase of life, personality...more

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Skylar primarily works with children, adolescents, and young adults ages 3 - 25 year, who experience symptoms of depression, anxiety, mood changes, ADHD, difficulty with transitions, school troubles...more

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Kati Wax, Psy.D.

Dr. Wax is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who earned her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology - Chicago Campus in 2009.  She has worked in group practice and community mental health settings, and spent many years as the Clinical Director and Director of Clinical Training for a renowned therapeutic day school.  Dr. Wax later became an owner of and partner in a group practice and a network of therapeutic day schools in the Chicago suburbs.  Dr. Wax has spent most of her career in these therapeutic day school placements for children and adolescents with emotional, behavioral, and developmental struggles. 


Dr. Wax's experience lends itself well to her work with school aged children, adolescents, families, as well as adults here at Lincoln Park Psychology.  She specializes in those struggling with mood disorders, impulse control, self-esteem/identity challenges, relationships issues, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and features of personality disorders.  More specifically, she is known for helping those who may be at higher risk of using inappropriate or maladaptive coping strategies to deal with stressors, as well as helping adolescents and young adults to navigate life.


Dr. Wax believes strongly that a strength-based approach is essential to fostering a sense of self, a sense of empowerment, and a sense of identity within an individual, and within the family and school system.  This is especially true for adolescents who seem to feel lost and overwhelmed by their world. 

Dr. Wax founded Lincoln Park Psychology in order to fulfill her passion for helping others to make meaningful change.  In addition, Dr. Wax has found immense joy in supervising large cohorts of clinical trainees since 2010.  Having spent much of her career dedicated to clinical training, she and her team developed an APA-Accredited internship training program and she once held the position of President of the Association of Chicagoland Externship and Practicum Training (ACEPT). 

To email Dr. Wax regarding her openings, please click here or call (312) 248-9490.

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Erin Trainor, LPC

Erin Trainor is a Licensed Professional Counselor who received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from National Louis University. Erin’s previous professional experiences allowed her to gain access to excellent training in a Trauma-Informed Therapy Model, sparking her interest in working with individuals with trauma histories. Additionally, Erin pursued Certification in Crisis Advocacy, and became a volunteer medical advocate for survivors of violence and sexual assault. Soon after graduating, Erin completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification, increasing her understanding and interest in the mind-body approach to wellness.

Erin uses a person-centered approach to counseling, using each client’s unique experience to guide her therapeutic interventions.  Erin believes in helping clients identify their strengths and supports, as well as collaborating with each person to build the tools that they need to approach their goals. Her dynamic approach to assisting clients creates flexible, trusting, and adaptive relationships with adults, as well as youth and their families.

Erin specializes in working with survivors of trauma, and those who struggle with depression and anxiety. She often includes somatic tools (mind-body work, breath-work, etc.) to assist clients in getting grounded and connected to their bodies and their stories. She is committed to operating within an anti-oppression framework, and  is a sex-positive counselor believing in serving the diverse needs of LGBTQIA clients in a way that supports their own lived experiences. 

To email Erin regarding her openings, please click here or call her directly at (224) 999-0181.


Sam Payne, Psy.D.

Dr. Payne earned their doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Adler University.  Their experience in a variety of settings (community mental health, therapeutic day school, and corrections settings) has provided them with the opportunities to work with a wide variety of clients including: children, adolescents, adults, and families. Dr. Payne’s specialties include working with a variety of symptoms and presentations including but not limited to: depression and other mood disorders, anxiety symptoms, relational difficulties, persons presenting on the Autism Spectrum, people who identify as LGBTQIAA2S+, and those who have experienced trauma.  

From a treatment standpoint, Dr. Payne practices therapy from a client-centered approach and utilizes a combination of this and psychodynamic principles to understand the client’s needs and guide the client in the process of change. They completed the Exploring Psychoanalysis fellowship with the Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute for further education and supervision to build upon their psychodynamic and psychoanalytic knowledge base and therapeutic experience. In the therapy room, this means that the client is seen as the expert on their own experiences, creating an environment of trust and authenticity. In working with their clients, Dr. Payne gathers the context of the person (such as environmental, societal, historical, and social factors) with the aim of understanding the client’s experiences as clearly as possible. They strive to incorporate an intersectional, validating, body-positive, death-positive, and sex-positive approach to working with clients. They believe that a safe and empathic environment is one in which a client feels empowered and seen, resulting in a basis for movement towards self-actualization, individuation, and personal success.

To email Dr. Payne regarding their openings, please click here or call them directly at (312) 869-2885.

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Kaley Witowski, LCSW

Kaley Witowski is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who earned her Master’s of Social Work from The University of Denver. Kaley works with children, adolescent, families, and adults. 


With children and adolescents, Kaley’s expertise lies in helping to develop skills in children who struggle with attention, emotional regulation, anxiety, depression, and self-esteem.  Kaley specifically looks forward to working with children and adolescents who are labeled by others as “difficult” or have experienced other negative consequences for their struggles. She views each child/adolescent as an individual with unique needs, strengths, and characteristics.  Kaley’s ability to see the child as a whole, and not only the presenting difficulties, allows clients to feel at ease, accepted, and connected.  


Kaley’s style of therapy is to create an environment and a relationship with the client that promotes the feeling of safety and connection.  In order to develop and grow, an individual needs to feel a sense of acceptance in the relationship, as well as trust in the expectations and boundaries of the environment.  Kaley takes a very creative approach to clinical work, integrating elements of play, expressive therapies, and nature into the space.  She also sees the importance of the family system in the therapy process, and integrates this into her goals.  


To inquire about services with Kaley please click here or call her directly at (608) 571-2852.


Michal Rosenberg, Psy.D.

Dr. Rosenberg earned her doctoral degree from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She works with children, teens, adults, families, and couples.  Dr. Rosenberg has experience with children and adolescents who struggle with developmental disorders, learning disorders, ADHD, and mood disorders as well as those individuals who have craniofacial conditions. From childhood through adulthood, Dr. Rosenberg works with a variety of presentations such as anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), as well as trauma and challenges related to identity formation. She practices using the cultural humility lens, open to and accepting those from all backgrounds including but not limited to aspects of racial identity, LGBTQIA+ communities, those with disabilities, ethnic identities, and religions. 


Dr. Rosenberg is passionate about helping her client’s gain insight into the stories that were told to them, which may continue to influence the self, both in helpful and unhelpful ways. She works closely with her clients to help them re-write their stories to live more meaningful, full, and present lives. Dr. Rosenberg works from a psychodynamic/relational approach, and integrates her work with Acceptance and Commitment therapy as well as mindfulness techniques to promote growth and presence. She believes that the relationship between the therapist and the client helps move progress forward and can be one of the most healing aspects of the work. Dr. Rosenberg provides an empathic space for the client to be in an accepting, warm, and safe environment. 


To inquire about services with Dr. Rosenberg please click here or call her directly at (872) 216-4375.

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Aysha Azimuddin, Psy.D.

Dr. Azimuddin earned her doctoral degree from Roosevelt University and specializes in late childhood through adulthood.  She enjoys working with various symptom presentations including but not limited to: depression, anxiety, trauma, personality disorders, grief, family dynamics, and phase of life issues. Her approach to therapy is to humanize all experiences that we go through and to have a strong connection with her clients built on authenticity, warmth, acceptance, and safety. She focuses on therapy from an integrated lens with psychodynamic elements, and individualizes treatment based on the needs of each client. 


Dr. Azimuddin strongly values the impact that cultural/diversity factors have on what we tell ourselves and how we relate to the world and others. Clients are the experts of their experiences and Dr. Azimuddin uses their expertise to find doorways out of the “stuckness” we find ourselves in. Her clinical experiences in a wide range of settings (residential treatment for substance use disorders, college counseling, behavioral health hospital, and community mental health) have afforded her the opportunity to learn how to promote growth in a diverse range of clients. Fun facts about Dr. Azimuddin: 1) She and LP Psychology’s Dr. Rosenberg trained together at the Village of Hoffman Estates Health and Human Services! 2) She enjoys listening to Bollywood music, playing with her cats, and eating out!


To inquire about services with Dr. Azimuddin, please contact her directly via email by clicking here, or call her at (224) 725-3572.


Liliana Ciupeiu, Psy.D.

Dr. Ciupeiu earned her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology, and completed a fellowship at, and is a current member at the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis.  She is delighted to become a part of the Lincoln Park Psychology team.  Dr. Ciupeiu has extensive experience working with children, adolescents, young adults, and families.  She works with a variety of presentations including anxiety, depression, PTSD, CPTSD, developmental disorders, and chronic mental illness.  Dr. Ciupeiu is grounded in psychodynamic therapy, with an emphasis on attachment based interventions and Family Systems.  Dr. Ciupeiu also sees couples, with an emphasis on emotional focused therapy. Furthermore, she integrates different therapies (when needed), taking into consideration the complexity of multicultural perspectives that shape our lives, to meet the unique needs of each individual.


In addition to her role as a psychotherapist, Dr. Ciupeiu has developed strong interests in multicultural and gender issues.  Sometimes fear, resistance, helplessness, low self-worth, or self-defeating relationship patterns get in the way.  Dr. Ciupeiu’s expertise is in helping individuals overcome the thoughts and feelings that are holding them back, and to remove internal barriers.  Her clinical experience and work with multi-disciplinary teams in settings from psychiatric hospitals, to behavioral day schools and private practice, have taught her to look at treatment from different perspectives, as well as the treatment’s effect where physiological concerns intertwine with psychological ones. 


Dr. Ciupeiu uses a collaborative, relational and integrative approach to help empower individuals and foster a deeper understanding of the self, while integrating issues of multicultural diversity into all aspects of her practice.  She speaks German and Romanian and is able to conduct therapy in these languages.

To inquire about services with Dr. Ciupeiu, please click here or call her directly at (312) 775-2559.

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Skylar Wittenberg, M.A.

Skylar Wittenberg earned her Master’s Degree in Counseling from Adler University. She is excited to receive her license from the State of Illinois to indicate she is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She primarily works with children, adolescents, and young adults ages 3 - 25 years.  Skylar has experience working with symptoms of depression, anxiety, mood changes, ADHD, difficulty with transitions, school troubles, and family dynamic changes.


When working with clients, Skylar approaches treatment collaboratively and directly to make lasting changes in an individual's life. She believes all people are capable of change and works with each client to develop individualized, goal-oriented treatment plans. While every individual brings their own unique stories and belief systems to counseling, Skylar utilizes an integrative theoretical approach, adjusting modalities and techniques accordingly to support clients in achieving their personal counseling goals. With younger clients, she utilizes play, creative, and expressive methods to help children process their environments, and learn new skills.  Skylar believes the views and goals of the family are an essential element in treatment, and integrates the parents, siblings, or extended family into the treatment process when necessary for change.  

To inquire about services with Skylar, please click here or call our office at (312) 248-9490