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Adult Services


Lincoln Park Psychology uses a wide range of therapeutic modalities when working with adult clients.  Our clinicians view and treat every client as an individual with unique strengths, needs, and goals.  Taking into account each client's background, narrative, and values, we provide comprehensive, culturally competent, and gender affirming services.  We believe that a self-awareness, insight, and an a sense of empowerment are the key to success and balance.  We will work with you to promote your coping strategies, improve your relationships, and develop a stronger sense of self.  Becoming your "best self" is not a trendy cliché at Lincoln Park Psychology - it is the ultimate goal.  Our clinicians work with a variety of methods in order to help you align your goals, behaviors, thoughts, and attitudes with your value system, resulting in long-lasting change and fulfillment. 

Lincoln Park Psychology clinicians treat a wide-range of presenting issues including mood dysregulation, depression, anxiety, trauma, borderline/histrionic personality disorders, among others.  It is important to note that we are a strength based, affirmative, and accepting practice, open for all individuals regardless of culture, religion, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexual orientation, or belief system.  We believe strongly in human rights, belonging, and inclusion. 

Adult therapy
Friends in Restaurant

A relationship is defined as a connection between two people, which seems simple enough.  However, humans are dynamic beings with many layers, experiences, underlying insecurities, and learned behaviors.  Sometimes we find ourselves chronically struggling in relationships with others, or having an intense emotional response to the ending of a romantic relationship.  It's often possible that we feel that we don't belong in social groups, or struggle with understanding social cues and norms.  Our clinicians at Lincoln Park Psychology work with you to examine your patterns and tendencies, including how you set boundaries, how you react to triggers, and how you meet your own needs.  

Lincoln Park Psychology also services adults who are on the Autism Spectrum, helping to work through some of the frustrations that can come with feeling a lack of connection and opportunity to relate to others.  At times, we also offer a group therapy service focused on relationships and social awareness. (Please note that this group is not currently running due to restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic).


Lincoln Park Psychology is committed to affirming care that serves the diverse needs of LGBTQIA adults.  We recognize that it can take tremendous effort to live authentically within a system of erasure and discrimination.  LPP acknowledges that both sexual orientation and gender identity exist on spectrums with infinite expressions.  We acknowledge that this is a time of shifting narratives around gender and sexuality, and that many people are arriving at new and deeper understanding of themselves. We believe that every person has the potential to need or want mental health care in their lifetime, and that it has been difficult in the past for LGBTQ+ clients to find care that is respectful, and acknowledges their identities and lived experiences.  We strive to co-create an environment for healing and emotional growth that allows each person to define how they wish to engage in relationships with others, and set therapeutic goals that align with what they want for the future.   


**Please Note: we are waiting for the official licensing for our therapy dogs to come through before we offer this service officially.  We are so very excited to introduce this in the near future.**


Animal Assisted Therapy is the use of animal interactions with clients to aid in recovery and help cope with stressors.  The use of animal assisted therapy has been shown to decrease feelings of fear, rage, aggression, distrust, and depression.  This modality may also enrich interpersonal relationships, allowing clients to share moments of connection with the animal.  Animal Assisted Therapy is often used for children/adolescents; however, the benefit for adults can be substantial.


At Lincoln Park Psychology, we understand the challenges of transitioning into adulthood.  It can be incredibly stressful to move from the stability of relying on family emotional and financial support, to more independence and self-reliance.  As you transition into college, the work field, or starting a family, our clinicians are available to help you navigate your new environment and role.  In addition, our therapists have experience working with IEPs and can help you advocate for your needs and accommodations in the college setting. 

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