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Consultation/Supervision Services

We believe that in order for individuals to be their best, we need to impact the systems in which they work, live, and play.  Our consultation services are available to help make your system more conducive to promoting individual growth.

We are also proud to have clinical supervisors available to promote the learning and growth of our own therapists and future psychologists.

Scroll below to learn more about how we might help support your growth.  

Dr. Kati Wax, the founder of Lincoln Park Psychology, spent most of her clinical career as the Head of Clinical for five therapeutic day school settings.  These schools provided academic and therapeutic support for students ages 6-21 with a variety of presenting issues.  The student body consisted of students with special education eligibility under Emotional Disturbance, Other Health Impairment (ADHD, etc), Autism Spectrum, and Specific Learning Disabilities.  Each student was issued an Individual Education Plan (IEP) by their public school in collaboration with the therapeutic day school outplacement.  

Clinicians at Lincoln Park Psychology have considerable knowledge of IEPs and Special Education, and offer their services to help parents understand the school's assessment of their children, plan for the needs of the student, and advocate for services in the academic environment.  Our clinicians are also happy to conduct school/classroom observations in order to get a sense of your child in the academic environment (please note these services are not covered by insurance).  


As the Head of Clinical for several therapeutic day schools in the Chicago suburbs, Dr. Wax consulted with and directed the clinical programs for each school according to the needs of the students.  Lincoln Park Psychology offers a consultation service to schools and classrooms in which we will assess your needs by interviewing teachers, observing the classroom(s), and discussing opportunities for success with administration/leadership.  We can tailor these services to the extent and goals set by the school, taking into account the needs of the students at their developmental level as well as the needs of the teachers and the classroom culture.

Lincoln Park Psychology employs capable and skilled clinicians who have a passion for giving back to the profession through clinical training.  We are available for contracted clinical supervision for various agencies who need competent adjunct supervisors.  Our philosophy of supervision includes a developmental approach in which we take into consideration the strengths, challenges, and training level of the trainees in order to set appropriate goals.  In addition, we continue to be flexible and follow the lead of the primary supervisors on site in the training system to ensure collaboration and coordination of training goals.  When our clinicians are contracted with an external agency for supervision, we defer to the policies and procedures of the agency, while focusing our supervision on the conceptual process of change instead of the content of the therapy.

**For in-house clinical training through our Post-Doctoral Fellowship Training Program, please click here.**  

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